Alternative to wearing the traditional wedding dress

Not every bride dreams of wearing a white dress on her wedding day. Here are some brides who dressed for the occasion in wedding jumpsuits. Whether you wish to wear a pant suit or a colourful dress at the end of the day the most important thing is that you are comfortable and happy at your wedding so do what you want! 😉

Photo by Evangeline Lane

Jumpsuit by: Alexis


Photo by: Juan Moley

Jumpsuit by: Carmel & Co


Photo by: Charlotte Carey Photography

Jumpsuit by: Emilio Pucci

Photo by: Makai Creative

Jumpsuit by: Joelle Perry


Photo by: L & L Style Photography 

Jumpsuit by: BHLDN


Photo by: Miss Gen Photography

Jump Suit by: AQAQ

Photo by: The Grovers

Jumpsuit by: Monique L’hullier


Photo by: Petronelle Photography 

Jumpsuit by: Brittany DeShields

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