Dracula Inspired Wedding

Happy Halloween everyone! One of my favourite days of the year is finally here. Candy? Check. Chocolate? Check. Costumes? Check! Today’s post is in honour of this spooky day, although “All Hallow’s Eve” may be a more suitable inspiration as it’s a little more romantic and moody than your typical Halloween wedding. Like talk about taking “Till Death Us Part” to the next level.


Bride and groom Frank and Marie wanted an entertaining wedding that exuded drama and elegance. Inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the wedding pulled on Victorian and Gothic romanticism the wedding was dripping in roses (over 6000 to be exact) and candles (over 300, talk about mood lighting). Instead of going with the typical orange and black Halloween themed colours, the couple went with red, gold and black, brought together with by rich velvets, candelabras and opulent gold flatware.


Marie had this to say about the decor, “Being a bit dark, dramatic and unique, we wanted to have a Halloween wedding that truly reflected our personalities. But we also were cognizant of the fact that it is very easy for a Halloween wedding to become cheesy, so we had to keep things tasteful.”


Of course with it being a Halloween wedding, they naturally needed to bring in the fun element. They had a stocked 16 foot candy bar featuring apothecary jars, custom cocktails, fortune tellers, cirque performers, Rocky Horror Picture Show re-enactment, dancing zombies and soup served in pumpkins. Drink menus were shaped like gravestones, chocolates were given out in mini coffin boxes and specialty cocktails were provided with absinthe.


These two thought of everything! A ton of attention to detail and DIY touches really paid off and were captured beautifully by Brooklyn photographer Photo Pink . And all of that work? Groom Frank had to hire a moving company to bring over 70 boxes of decor and furniture to and from the venue. Now THAT is what I call a wedding.


Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe out there and have fun!

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