Wedding Wednesday – Michelle & Ross’ Engagement Video

We know it’s Wedding Wednesday but we’re going to change it up a bit. Instead of sharing one of our couples’ wedding day videos, we are going to share one of their engagement videos. What is an engagement video you ask? It’s a 3-5 minute video that highlights you as a couple, your quirks, your hopes and your personalities. It showcases your story, how you met, how you got engaged, what you love about eachother and what you hope for the future. Most couples get engagement photos done so we thought, why not an engagement video? What a great memento to keep for the future and also a fun addition to your wedding day video. The wedding video focuses more on the event, whereas the engagement video highlights you as a couple. A perfect pair! It’s also great to play on your wedding day for your guests during your cocktail hour or pre-ceremony.

The couple in the video we are sharing today is Michelle and Ross. They totally nailed the entire essence of an engagement video. They let their personality shine through, showed who they are as a couple and had fun with it! We interviewed them both separately in their own home and got some great footage of what they love most about eachother, cooking together and just being all around silly.

Our favourite part? When they danced in the rain in the headlights of their car. Somehow they made it romantic and not corny. Very Notebook!

We can’t wait until these two get married. You can totally tell from their personalities that their wedding day is going to be so much fun! Congratulations on your engagement Michelle and Ross!

If you’re interested in learning more about our Engagement Videos, please contact us here for pricing and availability. We would love to hear from you!

Happy viewing!

Michelle + Ross | Engagement Video from LauraMW | Brightside Films on Vimeo.

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