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    Crystal & Clint
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    Chantal & Marc Wedding
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    Chantal & Marc Engagement
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    Carla & Rich
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    Aerial Drone
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    Jenny & Peter
  • Jennifer _ Niall-6247
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    Niall & Jennifer Engagement
  • Pat and John 50th Anniversary-7431
    In Photography
    Pat & John
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    Sam & Gary
  • In Photography
    Niall & Jennifer Wedding
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    Nahiomy & Gemma Engagement
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    Kim & Rich Engagement
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    Jeannie & Ronald Engagement
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    Isalba & Eduardo Wedding
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    Elonee & Max Engagement
  • Niala and Vince
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    Niala & Vince Wedding
  • Vivian and Raff Engagement
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    Vivian & Raff Engagement
  • Vivian and Raff Wedding
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    Vivian & Raff Wedding



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    3 Generations of Brides, 1 Dress and 1 Lucky Grandfather

    I have the best story to kick off your work week today, lovely readers – especially if you’re sentimental like this gal. If you’re a regular reader of the Brightside Films blog, then you know the importance of finding the perfect we...

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    100 Years of Engagement Rings

    We have quite the Tuesday treat for you today, a little wedding history! Remember that awesome video we posted a few months ago that showcased 100 years worth of wedding dresses by the decade? Well Mode is back at it and this time they are highlighti...

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    Wedding Wednesday – Jenn & Adam

    Have you ever noticed that Wednesday’s are usually the gloomiest day of the week? Like, if we probably delved into some historical statistics I bet this would be a proven fact. Not to mention that Wednesdays happen to be Hump Day, also known as...

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    Easter Wedding Inspiration

    Well, it’s official. Spring has sprung, the Easter bunny has arrived and best of all, pastel season is in full swing! One of the worst things about Winter (well, to me) is the dark, drab colours, so by the time Spring comes around it’s su...

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    Wedding Wednesday – Anna & Ross

    I’m over the snow. I feel ridiculous saying that because this Winter is nothing compared to the last two years, but when you spend your days editing summer wedding videos, you can’t help miss the green grass, blue skies and 20+ temperatur...

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    Warm & Chic Bridal Looks for Winter

    I’ve always been a summer wedding kinda girl. I like the idea of an outdoor wedding and a strapless gown and the way a summer night just eases on. However, every year around winter time I get slightly swayed to the dark side as I see all the ch...

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    Wedding Wednesday – Maryann & Rob

    Welcome back to Wedding Wednesdays! Our first Wedding Wednesday of 2016! So much amazingness coming your way! And today’s film is no exception. If I had to pick a name for the wedding video of Maryanne and Rob, it would be “All of the Fee...

  • brooklynwinery15

    Gold, Glitter & Foliage

    One of the great things about Fall and Winter weddings is that there are so many things you can use as decor for free. Who/What/Where/Why you ask? Because the ground is covered in wonderful foliage just begging to be spruced up (see what I did there?...

  • Wedding Wednesday – Jamie & Ryan

    What a beautiful day out today! If you close your eyes, you can allllmost pretend it’s summer again. Especially when you combine the warm weather with this Wedding Wednesday video, shot at the amazing Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka. Jamie and Ryan...