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    Crystal & Clint
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    Chantal & Marc Wedding
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    Chantal & Marc Engagement
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    Carla & Rich
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    Aerial Drone
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    Jenny & Peter
  • Jennifer _ Niall-6247
    In Photography
    Niall & Jennifer Engagement
  • Pat and John 50th Anniversary-7431
    In Photography
    Pat & John
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    In Photography
    Sam & Gary
  • In Photography
    Niall & Jennifer Wedding
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    Nahiomy & Gemma Engagement
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    Kim & Rich Engagement
  • In Photography
    Jeannie & Ronald Engagement
  • In Photography
    Isalba & Eduardo Wedding
  • In Photography
    Elonee & Max Engagement
  • Niala and Vince
    In Photography
    Niala & Vince Wedding
  • Vivian and Raff Engagement
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    Vivian & Raff Engagement
  • Vivian and Raff Wedding
    In Photography
    Vivian & Raff Wedding



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    Wedding Wednesday – Kate & Scott

    What better way to usher in the beginning of Fall tomorrow than to share one of our favourite Autumn weddings we’ve ever shot. When you close your eyes and picture Fall, you imagine burnt orange and red leaves, crisp autumn air and cozy blanket...

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    Labour Day Love – To Do or Not To Do A Long Weekend Wedding

    Holy Guacamole readers! It’s already Labour Day weekend. It’s like I blinked and summer was over. Well, it’s not officially over yet but we all know Summer ends and Fall begins the Tuesday after Labour day, AKA when Pumpkin Spice Ev...

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    Wedding Wednesday – Michelle & Ross’ Engagement Video

    We know it’s Wedding Wednesday but we’re going to change it up a bit. Instead of sharing one of our couples’ wedding day videos, we are going to share one of their engagement videos. What is an engagement video you ask? It’s a...

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    The Real Cost of Your Favourite Movie Weddings

    I love a good movie wedding. In fact, when I was a kid, I fell in love with weddings and discovered that you could actually make a career out of wedding planning after watching Father of the Bride (this love was further solidified after watching the ...

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    How to Keep your Guests Cool During a Summer Wedding

    As of yesterday, summer has officially started! Woohoo! Not like it hasn’t felt like it for the past month with this heat wave! Don’t get us wrong, we are surely not complaining. Summer trumps winter any day. However, when you’re hu...

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    Involving Dad in Your Wedding

    Furthering our Mother’s Day post from last month on ways to involve Mom in your wedding, Brightside Films is showcasing Dad in honour of Father’s Day this weekend. Dear old dad often gets overlooked in the chaos leading up to and on your...

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    Pantone’s Opaque Couche – World’s Ugliest Colour

    We all know how much the Brightside Films team loves Pantone. So much in fact that we’re writing two Pantone posts within a few weeks of eachother! We regularly cover their Colour releases, seen here,  here, here and here. Today, Pantone has ...

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    Pantone Colour(s) of 2016 – Rose Quartz & Serenity

    Well, this is a surprise. For the first time EVER, Pantone, the official colour trend forecasters, have announced not one but two official colours of the year. Well not exactly two separate colours, but more specifically the colour of 2016 is a blen...

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    Reasons to Have a Summer Camp Wedding

    In Canada, May 2-4, aka the Victoria Day long weekend, is the start to the summer season. It’s probably one of the most celebrated long weekends of the year (yes, even more so than Canada Day long weekend) because it signifies the end of gross ...