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    Crystal & Clint
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    Chantal & Marc Wedding
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    Chantal & Marc Engagement
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    Carla & Rich
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    Aerial Drone
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    Jenny & Peter
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    Niall & Jennifer Engagement
  • Pat and John 50th Anniversary-7431
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    Pat & John
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    Sam & Gary
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    Niall & Jennifer Wedding
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    Nahiomy & Gemma Engagement
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    Kim & Rich Engagement
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    Jeannie & Ronald Engagement
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    Isalba & Eduardo Wedding
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    Elonee & Max Engagement
  • Niala and Vince
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    Niala & Vince Wedding
  • Vivian and Raff Engagement
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    Vivian & Raff Engagement
  • Vivian and Raff Wedding
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    Vivian & Raff Wedding



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    Reasons to Have a Summer Camp Wedding

    In Canada, May 2-4, aka the Victoria Day long weekend, is the start to the summer season. It’s probably one of the most celebrated long weekends of the year (yes, even more so than Canada Day long weekend) because it signifies the end of gross ...

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    Wedding Wednesday – Ashley & Matt

    You guys. I am legitimately obsessed with this wedding. When your career is essentially attending a wedding (sometimes 2 or 3) a week, everything starts to blend into one. But Ashley and Matt did such an incredible job with the small details, this we...


    Wedding Wednesday – Bride & Groom from Fort McMurray wed in Toronto

    As a Canadian, watching the devastation occurring in Fort McMurray, Alberta is heartbreaking. Every minute, the wildfire is spreading at an uncontrollable pace and it’s a miracle everybody made it out alive. In the midst of this tragedy though,...

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    Ways to Involve your Mom in Your Wedding

    In honour of Mother’s Day this weekend, the Brightside Films team has come up with a list of ways for a bride to involve her mom (and future mother-in-law) on her wedding day. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the planning of the day a...

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    Special Edition Wedding Wednesday – 52 Weddings in 3.5 Minutes

    Today we’re going to do Wedding Wednesday a little bit different. Instead of sharing one of the beautiful weddings we shot, we will be sharing 52 weddings the Brightside Films team has shot! Yup, you read that right. 52 of our wedding videos co...

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    3 Generations of Brides, 1 Dress and 1 Lucky Grandfather

    I have the best story to kick off your work week today, lovely readers – especially if you’re sentimental like this gal. If you’re a regular reader of the Brightside Films blog, then you know the importance of finding the perfect we...

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    100 Years of Engagement Rings

    We have quite the Tuesday treat for you today, a little wedding history! Remember that awesome video we posted a few months ago that showcased 100 years worth of wedding dresses by the decade? Well Mode is back at it and this time they are highlighti...

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    Wedding Wednesday – Jenn & Adam

    Have you ever noticed that Wednesday’s are usually the gloomiest day of the week? Like, if we probably delved into some historical statistics I bet this would be a proven fact. Not to mention that Wednesdays happen to be Hump Day, also known as...

  • 7c01fe98de8cb79d76df721cae1a8544

    Easter Wedding Inspiration

    Well, it’s official. Spring has sprung, the Easter bunny has arrived and best of all, pastel season is in full swing! One of the worst things about Winter (well, to me) is the dark, drab colours, so by the time Spring comes around it’s su...